9 of the best baby puree recipes

9 of the best baby puree recipes 9 of the best baby puree recipes

If your baby has just turned six months or is nearly there, you'll be thinking about weaning.

It's important to give them dishes that are nutritious and that they'll like - but also that will introduce them to different textures and flavours.

Pureed foods

Starting with a mixture of purees and finger food is a good idea. Purees are smooth so they're easily swallowed and they're a good way of introducing fruit and veg.

You can start with a single fruit or vegetable and over time you can mix different fruits and veg and introduce protein in the form of cheese, lentils, meat and fish.

Variety is the spice of life


It's important to really mix it up when it comes to blending and mashing to expand your baby's palette.

So here's 9 of the best baby puree recipes for you to try.

  1. Carrot puree: This is one of the most common foods for the first mouthful.
  2. Apple puree: This is super easy to make, and best of all it works as a dessert for all the family.
  3. Sweet potato puree: Sweet, nutritious and filling, a perfect dish for baby.
  4. Pear and mint puree: A no-cook puree packed full of goodness.
  5. Spiced apple puree: Jazz up a simple fruit puree with a touch of nutmeg and cinnamon.
  6. Tropical fruit puree: A mango, banana and papaya special.
  7. Potato, carrot and sweetcorn: Nutritious veg, all cooked and blended together.
  8. Sweet potato and lentil: Just throw them in the pot, simmer then blend.
  9. Banana and apple puree: A delicious two-fruit puree which is even yummier combined with yoghurt or porridge.

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