7 tips if you are nervous about breastfeeding in public

7 tips if you are nervous about breastfeeding in public

Being anxious about breastfeeding your baby outside your home is common, so we have 7 tips if you are nervous about breastfeeding in public.

Breastfeeding, if you choose or are able to do it, is the most natural thing in the world.

But despite the fact it's how nature intended, society hasn't quite caught up.

Some women get very anxious about feeding their baby in public because of the reaction they receive; stares, uninvited side glances, and even unwelcome comments.


But this is other peoples' issues, not yours! So it's past time breastfeeding was normalised as the natural and beautiful bodily function that it is.

If you do get uncomfortable breastfeeding in public, here are 7 tips which should help to ease your anxiety.

7 tips if you are nervous about breastfeeding in public

  1. Practice at home: Maybe try in front of a mirror, or let someone you trust observe. Start “normalizing” breastfeeding at home in front of family members and with visitors. Sometimes the worry is built up in your head for nothing and what may feel like you exposing your body to the world, might not even be visible to others.
  2. Plan ahead: Going to the store? The mall? Start by going somewhere you know has breastfeeding accommodations, where you know moms and babies will be.
  3. Invest in a good nursing bra: Not only is this important for comfort and supports good breast health, but there is nothing worse than having to fumble when settling down to feed your baby!
  4. Wear layers: A stretchy tank can be versatile, while an oversized t-shirt or button down can act as a cover or blanket. You could even use a scarf or beach cover-up!
  5. Choose a comfortable location: A good place to start is a quiet area in the park, a park bench, or a shady spot under a tree.
  6. Watch your baby’s cues: This advice is not only for the early days in the hospital, but it is worth remembering when you are out and about with your baby. Consider: A crying baby who is hungry and frantic could draw attention and add to your anxiety. A calm baby will more than likely latch quickly and successfully.
  7. Be prepared: If you do encounter negative comments, think of a response that is both firm and polite. No need to apologize because you aren't doing anything wrong.

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