10 beach hacks for families

10 beach hacks for families

Beach days are the best days, but don't go without these 10 beach hacks for families.

Heading to the beach with children in tow is a whole other story.

Forgetting sunscreen, towels, or someone’s red shovel at home can easily put a dampener on the fun.

A few simple beach hacks can make a big difference!


So, here are some of our favourite tips and tricks for a fun, stress-free family beach outing.

Beach hacks for families

  1. Waterproof case: If you are taking any electronics to the beach, having a waterproof case is a great idea. Keep your car keys, cell phones or cameras safe from all that sea and sand!
  2. Sunblock: Don’t forget your sunblock. No matter where you fall on the melanin scale, slather on the sunblock on everyone as soon as you get to the beach. Then make sure to reapply again every few hours as the day goes on. Make sunscreen application more fun for little ones by using a makeup brush to apply.
  3. Mesh bags: Use mesh bags to store beach toys! Throw all the toys in, give it a quick shake and the sand free toys are ready to pack away.
  4. Frozen drinks: Freeze your drinks the night before heading to the beach. There is nothing like a cool refreshing drink on a nice hot beach day. Don’t forget the water!
  5. Wet bags: Remember to pack a large Ziploc bag, a fancy wet bag, or even a regular old grocery bag for all the wet, sandy clothes.
  6. Trash bags: Do you know the saying, ‘Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time’. Make sure and leave your little slice of paradise as clean as, or even cleaner than, you found it.
  7. Baby powder: While your children will have no problem covering themselves with sand on the beach, once they are back in the car no one likes those pesky grains anymore. A few sprinkles of baby powder allows you to magically dust off all that sticky sand!
  8. Bug spray: Beach bugs can really ruin your fun! If you are spending most of your time on the sand, insect repellent will be handy for fending off those biting insects. If you stay to watch the sunset, look out for mosquitos too.
  9. Individual snacks: It will be tempting to buy family-size snacks for the beach, but keep in mind those little fast, cute and sand-covered hands! Carry an empty snack bowl so they can have their own or even portion out the large bag before your trip.
  10. Flotation devices: If your children are not strong swimmers, consider using a lifejacket. Ensure you have some family water safety rules and definitely pay attention to any warning signs and lifeguard instructions.

Beach bag at the ready!

Now that you have all the important things, pack them into your extra large beach bag and get ready for a day of fun.

Get there early, claim a nice shady spot and enjoy your day of sun, sea and sand!

Do you have hacks, tips or tricks you use at the beach? Please share in the comments below!

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