6 ways to enjoy some me time as a mom

6 ways to enjoy some me time as a mom6 ways to enjoy some me time as a mom 6 ways to enjoy some me time as a mom6 ways to enjoy some me time as a mom

The arrival of a baby (and let's not talk multiples!) turns your world upside down and comes with a lot of responsibilities that can leave us moms exhausted.

But just as important as caring for your baby is caring for YOU - so it's vital that you don't end up forgetting about yourself.

Me time

Of course that's not always easy, depending on your child and your personal situation.

But no matter how that me time looks for you, it's important that you get it.


When my first two daughters were little, I didn't have anyone besides my husband to help me take care of them.

I felt exhausted and overwhelmed, and I longed for alone time.

Taking care of you

Taking time for yourself is very important for both your children and for you as a mom. When I couldn’t get time for myself, I became stressed and would get frustrated easily.

My second born was not a calm child. I found myself crying the many times she cried, and I generally wasn’t a happy mom.


But when I had people around me who helped out with the little ones, I was a more relaxed mother; happier, and easier to be around because I learned to have my alone time.


When your children see you reading a book, exercising, or pursuing a goal because you enjoy it, they learn that it's important to value yourself and to practice self-love.

Filling your personal tank helps you take care of your family better.

So here are some ways you can enjoy some alone time.

  1. Go out for lunch or to a coffee shop: Leave your child with someone you trust and go out and enjoy yourself, even if it's just for 30 minutes. I used to go to a restaurant near my house that had windows that faced a busy highway and bizarrely, it really helped me relax.
  2. Go window shopping: Try on a pretty dress that you can’t afford or just meander through town and relax.
  3. Get a manicure or pedicure: The spa is the best place to go because it's quiet and relaxing. My favourite is the manicure and pedicure, which I describe as a vacation for your nails and hands.
  4. Have a bubble bath: Relaxing in a bath tub without any interruptions may help you re-energise and give you a new lease of life.
  5. Have a nap: Lack of sleep is what I found to be most stressful after I became a mom. With a baby who may not be sleeping well at night, you will find yourself running on empty. But nap when they nap, ask for help so that you can grab 40 winks, or go for a walk in the fresh air.
  6. Set a date with the girls: Meet up with your friends for coffee, food or just a walk. You'll enjoy the alone time and the distraction from what's going on at home.

Taking time for you

It's important as a mom to remember to take care of yourself amid the chaos.

Having alone time every now and then means you don't become overwhelmed.

And please don't feel guilty about looking after you. Happy mom equals happy baby.

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