7 things you can do to help a new mom

7 things you can do to help a new mom

Becoming a mom is the most beautifully indescribable experience you'll ever have.

But it is also exhausting, overwhelming, stressful and, if you're recovering from a c-section for example, sometimes physically difficult.

That's why it's nice to be able to help out new moms whenever you can.

7 things you can do to help a new mom

If you want to be able to help out a new mom in your life, here are 7 ideas that she'll really appreciate.

  1. Meals: New moms are often too busy, or tired, to think about cooking. But good nutrition is key in those first weeks and days, so eating well and regularly is a must. A good idea for a gift is a meal delivery subscription to help mom out for a bit. But if you've got time to home cook meals and deliver them, even better!
  2. Laundry: That laundry pile just keeps growing when a new baby comes home. And the last thing on mom's mind is putting on a load, drying, ironing and folding. So why not pop round and do it for her?
  3. House-keeping: Just like with the laundry, getting time to clean and tidy when you're sleep-deprived, feeding, and recovering from childbirth is difficult. A nice gift to a new mom would be to visit and do the housework.
  4. Mind the newborn: Even if it's just for 10 minutes while mom grabs a shower and washes her hair, this is a major bonus to any new mom.
  5. Do the shopping: It sometimes seems that even brushing your hair after you've had a baby is a massive task. So if you could go to the store and do the shopping for a new mom in your life, it'd be a huge help for her.
  6. Mind the other kids: If there are other kids, offer to take them to the park or the cinema, or even take them for a sleepover just to give mom a break.
  7. Buy a voucher for the spa: A little pamper time will be just what the doctor ordered. So let her get her nails done, or get her hair done, while you take care of the baby and the house.

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