Happy Mother’s Day! 10 fabulous ways to celebrate in style… on a budget

Happy Mother’s Day! 10 fabulous ways to celebrate in style… on a budgetHappy Mother’s Day! 10 fabulous ways to celebrate in style… on a budget Happy Mother’s Day! 10 fabulous ways to celebrate in style… on a budgetHappy Mother’s Day! 10 fabulous ways to celebrate in style… on a budget
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Here at Caribbean Moms, we know that Mother’s Day is up there with the most important and cherished yearly festivities. It’s the chance for you to sit back, relax, and mark the occasion with your beloved family. 

Did you know that the origins of Mother’s Day dates back to ancient Greece? And nowadays, it’s celebrated throughout the world in different ways. And you deserve to enjoy yourself.

In fact, everyday should be Mother’s Day! So while juggling all the responsibilities of being a mama means it’s not possible to unwind whenever you feel like it, it’s so important to take this opportunity to give yourself a pat on the back and rejoice with your family. 

Still, with all of us mindful of expense, coming up with ways to celebrate WITHOUT breaking the bank is crucial too. 

With that in mind, Caribbean Moms has rounded up the 10 best ways to live it up and observe Mother’s Day 2024 when you don’t want to spend a lot of money. We say… Enjoy and celebrate!

1) Plan a picnic 

Whip up a tasty meal al fresco! Gather the best treats from your fridge and cupboards and pack into delicious bite-sized treats and outdoor-friendly snacks. At such a glorious time of year, the conditions are perfect to get out ‘n’ about and enjoy time with your loved-ones. What’s also super about picnic foods is that your family can all chip in - lightening the workload for you. 

2) Brunch at home 

Enjoy a well-deserved lazy lie-in and wake up having already skipped breakfast, diving straight into brunch. What about sweet and spicy chicken kebabs, flat iron steak with grilled mango kiwi salsa, or sweet corn tamales? All of those dishes will take less than 30 mins plus you can prep the day before to make sure that the day itself is as relaxing as possible. 

3) KFC

One of our top tips is to get your loved-ones together at KFC! Firstly, the delicious KFC menu has lots of options - meaning you’re keeping everyone happy and satisfied - plus the service is fast and friendly, AND the pricing is budget -friendly. Tuck into buckets, zinger and cruncher sandwiches and popcorn chicken, and order a host of tasty sides to complement your family’s celebrations. If you’ve got your kiddies joining you they’ll be delighted too with sweet and tasty apple pies to keep everyone smiling.

4) Live music 

Lots of venues mark the special Mother’s Day occasion with live music and entertainment. Make sure to check out your local area for details of performances that will add an extra special element to your day. Dance, sing, and celebrate with your loved-ones - plus lots of venues don’t have a cover charge, or only charge a small fee for entry. With day-time and evening-time events, there’s sure to be something close-by to make your party extra memorable.

5) Get out ‘n’ about

Why not plan a sunset stroll or walk, or visit those local attractions that you’ve been meaning to bring the family to? With the weather being so pleasant right now, it’s the perfect time to get out ‘n’ about. Research in advance and seize the chance to spend time together with your family. Take photos of your ramble to create memorable moments or plan a game - Eye Spy etc - while you explore.

6) SPA day

Why not get the mama gang together and plan a spa trip? Massages, facials, and nail treatments are all affordable and exactly what you deserve. Organize child-minding among your friends and family and give yourself a few hours to unwind. It’s so hard to find time for ourselves but Mother’s Day is the time to do it. Having time to fully recharge will do you wonders! 

7) Movie marathon 

When did you last sit down and enjoy a movie with your family? Why not earmark Mother’s Day as your chance to spend quality time with your loved-ones? Select your favorite flicks in advance and create a memorable experience that everyone will appreciate. Plus, you get to plonk down, put your feet up, and connect with your family. Perfect!

8) Beach trip 

Make the moment dreamy! Mark Mother’s Day with a trip to the beach; bring your swimwear, toys for the kids, and any snacks or drinks you might need. Go early to get the best spots and set yourself up for a glorious day. Take lots of pics to mark the occasion schedule game to keep the gang happy.

9) Shopping

Get some time back for yourself! Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, treat yourself to a window-shopping trip either solo or with friends or family. Time is a precious gift and making sure you’ve a proper break is so important; so use Mother’s Day as your reason to get away from your day-to-day schedule and unwind. 

10) Arts and crafts 

Round-up any waste, rubbish, or excess you have and find your arts and crafts material to curate a creative experience for you and your family. Create memorable moments and precious experiences by going off-line and being present, Get your little ones to create Mother’s Day mementos that shine. A wonderful way to initiate memories to last long after the special day has concluded.

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