Valentine’s Day ideas without the candy

Valentine’s Day ideas without the candyValentine’s Day ideas without the candy Valentine’s Day ideas without the candyValentine’s Day ideas without the candy

At this stage, Valentine's is synonymous with chocolate. But how about Valentine's Day ideas without the candy?

I have never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day and my husband and I barely batted an eye at the occasion.

But once you have children, every holiday suddenly feels more magical.

Now I have a storage box dedicated to Valentine’s decorations and crafts!

Crafty celebrations


Every year as a family we do arts and crafts, read Valentine-themed stories and plan our annual fancy family brunch.

When the boys were attending school, the fun spilled over there too.

Ice cream parties, balloons, flowers and of course lots and lots of candy and chocolates.

I love a good snack, but also try to encourage moderation.


‘Too much of one thing is good for nothing’ could be our family motto.

Valentine’s Day ideas without the candy

All this to say we actually stay away from candies and chocolates for our Valentine’s gift-giving, especially with large diverse groups.

We want to make sure all our friends can experience the joy of receiving and partaking in their Valentine’s gift regardless of allergies, religious restrictions (gelatin) or medical conditions.

The packaging can be half the fun! A little glitter, a cute themed tag and almost any item can make an adorable non-sweet Valentine’s gift that children are sure to enjoy.

Sugar-free Valentine ideas and themes

  1. Popcorn: You make my heart pop
  2. Paints, crayons and colour pencils: Valentine, you colour my world
  3. Washi tape: I like the way you roll
  4. Bubbles: I am bubbling with excitement that you are my Valentine
  5. Reusable straws: Sip, sip, hooray for Valentine’s Day
  6. Apples: You are the apple of my eye
  7. Glowsticks: You make my heart glow
  8. Pencil: You are just write
  9. Dinosaurs: You are dino-mite!
  10. Toy cars: I’m wheely glad we are friends
  11. Stickers: I’m stuck on you!
  12. Ruler: You rule!
  13. Rubber stamps: You have my stamp of approval
  14. Highlighter: You are the highlight of my day!
  15. Bouncy ball: You make my heart bounce
  16. Puzzle: You stole a piece of my heart
  17. Toy animal: I’m wild about you!
  18. Sharpener: I think you are really sharp
  19. Slime: Be my valen-slime
  20. Bookmarks: You are number 1 in my book!
  21. Teddy Bear: I love you bear-y much
  22. Play Dough: You are a-dough-rable!
  23. Nail polish: I’m toe-tally glad we are friends
  24. Beach buckets: You’re buckets of fun, Valentine!
  25. Rubber ducks: I’m so ducky you are my friend.

Valentine's with a difference

These ideas are perfect for large classes, small groups or even as a themed basket for one special child.

What Valentine’s treat are you planning on making this year?

Get creative and show some love this Valentine’s Day!

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