7 unexpected pregnancy symptoms

7 unexpected pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy is a huge change, both physically and emotionally, and you probably think you know exactly what to expect when you're expecting.

You're ready for the baby bump, the stretch marks, the nauseousness and the constant need to pee.

But what about the other pregnancy symptoms that no one really talks about.

7 unexpected pregnancy symptoms

We're talking hemorrhoids, constant farting, fuzzy hair on your face, and incontinence!


Even if you've been pregnant before and escaped these embarrassing symptoms, you're not immune as every pregnancy is unique.

So here's 7 unexpected pregnancy symptoms:

  1. Hemorrhoids: These sometimes painful swollen veins usually appear in the third trimester and bulge around your anus because of the increased blood volume and extra pressure from your growing baby. They can also appear after labour because of all the pressure from pushing.
  2. Excess gas: You'll find yourself farting, burping and belching a lot more during pregnancy thanks to the increased levels of progesterone in your body. Progesterone is a hormone that causes the muscles throughout your body to relax, including your intestinal muscles, which causes your digestion to slow down. This allows gas to build up easier and creates the embarrassing releases because the progesterone-induced muscle relaxation makes it harder to hold it in!
  3. New body hair: You might notice a new layer of fuzz all over your body, thanks to the hormones raging inside you. You'll be delighted with the thick head of hair you've developed, but maybe not so much with the fur on your face and belly.
  4. Incontinence: As your baby grows and your uterus enlarges, the baby ends up sitting right on top of your bladder. And that means you'll be running to pee constantly. It also means that an innocent sneeze or fit of laughing might cause a leak. So be prepared by wearing panty liners.
  5. Acne: This is another symptom brought on by the avalanche of hormones and some women experience outbreaks on their chest and back, as well as on their face.
  6. Swollen vagina: The increased blood flow and pressure from your growing baby can leave your vagina very swollen and sensitive.
  7. Discharge: Most pregnant women will secrete sticky, white, or pale-yellow mucus throughout their pregnancy. Increased hormones and vaginal blood flow cause the discharge. It increases during pregnancy to prevent infections as your cervix and vaginal walls soften.

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