New pregnancy test goes in your mouth

New pregnancy test goes in your mouthNew pregnancy test goes in your mouth New pregnancy test goes in your mouthNew pregnancy test goes in your mouth

A new pregnancy test that goes in your mouth will soon be available to buy.

Scientists have discovered that instead of peeing on a stick, the new discovery will test women’s saliva.

Both urine and saliva-based tests work by identifying the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG, a hormone specific to pregnancy which helps prepare the uterus for the developing embryo.

New pregnancy test goes in your mouth

The world’s first saliva-based pregnancy test, the ‘SaliStick’, is expected to go on sale next year, costing around USD$10.


Guy Krief, co-founder of Israel-based maker Salignostics, said it would enable couples to go through the experience of taking a pregnancy test together for the first time.

He added: "The concept is so modern and so different to the current way of doing things."

Results in 10 minutes

First, the woman places the foam-tipped stick in her mouth for a few moments, much as one would do with a thermometer.

Then she transfers it to a plastic tube, where a chemical reaction happens, giving a result in 10 minutes.


Mr Krief said: "It’s a lovely idea if you’re trying for a baby to be able to do the test in front of your partner – and hopefully celebrate the good news together immediately."

A trial identified pregnancies 95% of the time. The popular Clearblue brand of urine test claims to be more than 99% accurate.

Mr Krief said they expected to refine their product’s accuracy still further.

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