Our top 10 gender reveal party ideas

Our top 10 gender reveal party ideasOur top 10 gender reveal party ideas Our top 10 gender reveal party ideasOur top 10 gender reveal party ideas

If you're pregnant and planning something special for your gender reveal, here are our top 10 gender reveal party ideas.

A gender reveal party is simply a chance to celebrate with loved ones, while also letting them know the sex of your baby.

They're not for everyone but if it's something you have in mind, read on for some inspiration on what to organise.

The timing is up to you but most moms-to-be have the gender reveal soon after the 20-week scan, which is when most parents find out their baby's sex for the first time.


You might choose to find out the news and keep it a secret; maybe you'll just tell a few very close family and friends; or maybe you'll send a very simple group text.

But you also might decide to throw the party of the century and find out your baby's sex in a unique way.

In some cases, mom and dad don't even know the gender before the big reveal.

It could be that the sonographer at your scan writes down the sex and puts it in a sealed envelope that you then pass to a friend who can arrange the party for you.

Our top 10 gender reveal party ideas


So, here are our top 10 gender reveal party ideas.

  1. Gender reveal cake: This one just never gets old. If you want the reveal cake, you'd have to give your sealed envelope from the sonographer to your baker and hey presto! They'll make the inside of the cake pink or blue and all will be revealed when you cut into it.
  2. Classic balloons: Either the balloon shop will fill your gender reveal balloon with pink or blue confetti, or they'll fill a box with pink or blue balloons which you'll release in front of your guests! Beautifully Insta-perfect!
  3. Gender reveal fireworks: This is a little bit more dramatic than balloons or cake, but it'll be a gender reveal you and your loved ones will never forget.
  4. Gender reveal piñata: This is one of our personal favourites because let's face it - piñatas are perfect for any occasion. Yours will be filled with pink or blue and your baby's sex will be revealed once you mash it up!
  5. Scratch cards: These are great fun for a party. You can place them on your snack table, or hand them out to the guests when you are revealing the surprise. What's also great is that you can post them out to your loved ones that can't make it to the party. In the centre of these scratch cards, you will find a grey dot which will reveal the gender of the baby when scratched.
  6. Fortune cookie: These special gender reveal fortune cookies will feature a piece of paper revealing your baby's sex.
  7. Gender reveal ice cream: This is a special one for the ice cream lovers! For a blow-the-budget idea, hire a soft serve machine that has been pre-filled with either pink or blue ice cream. A more cost-friendly option is to serve cute cones filled with store-bought coloured ice cream and sprinkles.
  8. Gender reveal scavenger hunt: This one takes a bit more prep but is a whole lot of fun. You and your guests follow clues written by your bestie and they will eventually lead you to a spot where the baby's gender will be revealed.
  9. Take a swing: You can buy special baseballs, golf balls or footballs all filled with pink or blue dust. When you hit the ball, it explodes, revealing a burst of colour.
  10. Flowery delivery: You could schedule a flower delivery and when your bouquet of blue or pink flowers arrives, that's your gender reveal.

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