Tiktok mom reveals 'simple' way to give birth

Tiktok mom reveals 'simple' way to give birthTiktok mom reveals 'simple' way to give birth Tiktok mom reveals 'simple' way to give birthTiktok mom reveals 'simple' way to give birth

This Tiktok mom has broken the internet by revealing her 'simple' way to give birth.

The mom-of-two insists she found the best way to teach yourself how to push - and that she used the method and birthed both her babies in just a few pushes.

Sound too good to be true?

Well, not according to Biscotti Baby who says her secret to an easier labour is the humble coughing technique.


She said she used this technique when birthing both of her babies, and delivered them both in two or three pushes with no tearing.

Tiktok mom reveals 'simple' way to give birth


Sharing the tip on her TikTok account, the mom-of-two says it will help you get your baby out in a ‘few pushes’.

In fact, she says her first born, Amara, was delivered in just three pushes, all by using the special technique.


“My magical method to push your baby out in just a few pushes … COUGH before you go into the hospital and focus on what muscles you used to cough in your abdomen!"

"Use those muscles to push, it’s not the muscles you use to poo!”

Peak of human endurance

If you ran a marathon you'd have weeks of rest and lots of TLC to help you recover.

But despite the physical and emotional hardship of giving birth, new moms are straight into caring for their baby - often with little assistance.

And what's more, marathon runners line up at the start line in peak condition whereas women often enter the delivery suite exhausted and sore from pregnancy.

You could argue that childbirth is the most traumatic event the human body can undergo, and a study back in 2015 showed that up to 15% of women sustain pelvic injuries during labour that never heal.

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