5 signs it could be time to transition to pull-ups

5 signs it could be time to transition to pull-ups5 signs it could be time to transition to pull-ups 5 signs it could be time to transition to pull-ups5 signs it could be time to transition to pull-ups
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Children's lives are full of milestones. The first smile, the first tooth, the first steps, the first day at school....

The list goes on and on.

Another milestone that parents talk less about is their child moving from diapers to pull-ups.

Pull-ups vs diapers

Pull-ups are similar to diapers, but instead of sides that fasten to secure in the front, they have stretchy sides.

They were originally designed as a transition between diapers and underwear, but they are also more practical when your baby starts to move.

One great product is Pampers Easy Ups as they have a 360-degree all around stretchy waistband which allows your little one to pull them up and down like underwear, without the risk of making a mess during potty training.

5 signs it could be time to transition to pull-ups

This transition to pull-ups is an important leap in your child's independence.

But knowing when and how to transition them might take some guidance as there are a few factors to consider.

Age considerations

Pull-ups were traditionally recommended for the transition to potty training, so they weren’t typically used before age 2.

But the new generation of pull-ups are recommended from much younger.

For example, Pampers Easy Ups start for babies who weigh 7-15kg and are on average 7-12 months old.

So more or less around the time babies start moving – rolling, crawling, standing and walking – the new generation of pull-ups are an option.

Ready for pull-ups

Here are some of the signs your child is ready to ditch the diapers and wear pull-ups.

  1. They're crawling: Some parents say it's easier to use pull-ups once their baby is on the move as pull-ups are typically lighter and less bulky than regular diapers.
  2. Becoming more independent: Because kids can pull them on and off and they look like underwear, some parents feel that pull-ups give their children a sense of independence and control when potty training. (And if they have an accident on their way to the potty, pull-ups make clean-up more convenient for parents).
  3. Wriggling around: As soon as your once compliant baby starts to wiggle, squirm and roll at changing time, it could be time to move to pull-ups.
  4. Diaper change time has become difficult: We've all been there. Trying to catch or keep still a screaming child who suddenly detests diaper change time. This is where pull-ups might be more convenient.
  5. Potty training: Pull-ups can be a really effective potty-training tool and that’s when many parents switch to them. But while traditional pull-ups weren't as absorbent as regular diapers, the new generation of pull-ups, like Pampers Easy Ups, share all of the same qualities of traditional nappies and have the same absorbency so are often used as a replacement for nappies, not as a transition to potty training.

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