Surviving the toddler years: an hilarious guide for moms

Surviving the toddler years: an hilarious guide for momsSurviving the toddler years: an hilarious guide for moms Surviving the toddler years: an hilarious guide for momsSurviving the toddler years: an hilarious guide for moms

Surviving the toddler years: an hilarious guide for moms.....

Ah, the toddler years - the chaotic, messy, frustrating, and unbelievably hilarious stage of parenting.

As a mom, you've probably found yourself in situations that you never anticipated, but fear not!

I'm going to share some humorous insights and practical advice on how to navigate the wild ride of raising a toddler.

Surviving the toddler years: an hilarious guide for moms

  1. Embrace the mess: Let's face it, cleanliness is not a top priority for toddlers. No matter how hard you try, your house will look like a tornado spun through it. Rather than fighting a losing battle, embrace the mess. Enjoy the artistic expression of crayon-drawn walls and cereal spillage. Remember, messes can always be cleaned up, but these memories are priceless. I have definitely had to manage my expectations of having a home that looked all put together. Now I do what I can, clean what I must, and enjoy the fact that a messy home is one that is played in and enjoyed.
  2. Master the art of negotiation: Toddlers have strong wills and an innate ability to test your patience. Negotiation becomes a necessary superpower for any mom. From convincing them to eat anything green, to urging them to put on pants, your persuasive skills will reach Olympic-level heights. But here's the thing; toddlers like choices and are trying to gain a level of independence. Why not let them pick which pants they would like to wear out of two? Sometimes letting them eat the dinner in a fun plate or a different type of spoon can also help with the food negotiations. But manage wanting to force them to eat as that can create more of a challenge later on.
  3. Develop stealth mode: As a mom, you'll find yourself longing for a moment of privacy, especially when using the bathroom. Enter stealth mode: learn to move silently, ninja-style, to avoid detection and ensure at least a few minutes of uninterrupted peace. It's all about survival, after all!
  4. Accept the challenge of dressing your toddler: Remember those adorable outfits you picked out? Well, your toddler has a different fashion sense - one that involves mismatched socks, superhero capes, and princess tiaras. Embrace the daily fashion show and the endless laundry that comes with it. Besides, who needs matching socks anyway?
  5. Develop a sense of humor: Laughter truly is the best medicine, especially when dealing with toddler shenanigans. Finding the humor in every situation is a survival skill that will keep you sane. Whether it's finding your car keys in the toy oven or your little one using your favorite lipstick as finger paint, remember that these silly moments make for the best anecdotes later on.
  6. Embrace the lack of sleep: Sleep deprivation becomes your new normal during the toddler years. Embrace it with open arms and a never-ending supply of coffee. You'll become a champion multitasker, mastering the art of making a peanut butter sandwich while half asleep. This though is temporary, you may sleep again after they are 18!
  7. Community support: The toddler years can be overwhelming, but remember that you're not alone. Surround yourself with a support system of fellow moms who understand the challenges and triumphs of raising tiny humans. Share funny anecdotes, swap survival tips, and offer each other a much-needed shoulder to lean on.

An adventure like no other


Dear moms, surviving the toddler years is indeed an adventure like no other.

Embrace the chaos, celebrate the messes, and cherish those hilarious moments with your little ones.

By finding humor in the sticky situations and forming strong bonds with fellow moms, you'll not only survive but thrive during this whirlwind of parenting.

Remember, laughter is the secret ingredient to a happy and sane mommy life. You've got this, momma!

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