Finding the perfect name for your child can be tough.

It can take months to come up with a list of names you like, and then it's a battle to agree on one with your partner.

Some parents take inspiration from celebrities, the seasons, or their family. Others look to the Bible for monikers.

So here's 19 of our favourite Bible-inspired baby names and their meanings.

Bible-inspired baby boy names

  1. Abel β€” Breath
  2. Amos β€” To carry, borne by God
  3. Benjamin β€” A favorite son
  4. Caleb β€” Whole heart
  5. Jacob β€” Supplanter
  6. Jordan β€” To descend
  7. Jude β€” Praise
  8. Noah β€” To rest
  9. Reuben β€” Behold, a son

Bible-inspired baby girl names

  1. Adah/Ada β€” Adornment
  2. Adina β€” Noble, gentle, delicate
  3. Bethany β€” House of figs
  4. Delilah β€” Delicate
  5. Eden β€” Paradise
  6. Jewel β€” Plaything, delight
  7. Lillian/Lily β€” Lily flower
  8. Rose β€” Rose flower
  9. Sapphira β€” The pretty one
  10. Zina β€” Guest, stranger

Choosing a baby name


Biblical baby names for both girls and boys are some of the most enduring of all time.

All these names are steeped in spirituality and faith, and some remain very rare and unique.

Choosing your baby's name - whatever the inspiration - is an important decision you have to make as a parent. It can be fun, but the responsibility of naming another human being can make it a bit intimidating.

After all, your child will carry that name throughout their life.

Top naming tips


These are some of the topics you might want to start with when thinking of baby names:

  • family names
  • place names
  • nature
  • cultural or ethnic names
  • celebrities
  • colors
  • mythology
  • history

Things to consider before you settle

  1. Write out the initials: You may want to make sure that you aren't giving your baby initials that spell something rude or odd
  2. Think about the nicknames: Take a look at all the potential nicknames people could give your child
  3. Consider sibling names: You may want to give your children names that all have the same first initial or names that sound well together
  4. Give thought to the uniqueness: Unique names are creative and fun. But a name that is too unique can be tough to get through life with
  5. Check for multiple spellings
  6. Unisex names are a popular choice: And these are becoming more popular.

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