Giving birth tougher than running a full marathon

Giving birth tougher than running a full marathon

This won't come as a shock to the mamas reading this, but giving birth is tougher than running a marathon.

Finally some recognition!

If you ran a marathon you'd have weeks of rest and lots of TLC to help you recover.


But despite the physical and emotional hardship of giving birth, new moms are straight into caring for their baby - often with little assistance.

And what's more, marathon runners line up at the start line in peak condition whereas women often enter the delivery suite exhausted and sore from pregnancy.

Giving birth tougher than running a full marathon

You could argue that childbirth is the most traumatic event the human body can undergo, and a study back in 2015 showed that up to 15% of women sustain pelvic injuries during labour that never heal.


Maternal health

Pain management

While labour and childbirth are obviously painful, rest assured they are doable!

An American Society of Anesthesiologists survey found that 46% of first-time moms said the pain they experienced was better than they expected.

“First-time mothers need to know that a wide variety of options exist to manage pain, from epidural to massage, nitrous oxide to breathing techniques and that it’s acceptable to change methods or use a combination during nearly every stage of labor,” said ASA President, James D. Grant.

“But it’s also important to be flexible, since it may be necessary to change pain management methods based on the labor process itself.”

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