7 tips to try if you're hoping for a natural birth

7 tips to try if you're hoping for a natural birth

Running a marathon is a popular goal people set for themselves.

It involves making some serious life changes and it is a well-recognized life accomplishment.

I wish that childbirth today was given the same credit and support – medals and swag bags would be awesome too!

7 tips to try if you're hoping for a natural birth

Like a marathon, you will need to train your mind, body and spirit for this big event.


If you are hoping for a natural birth in 2023, here are 7 things you can start doing today!

  1. Get a doula: The benefit of a doula is a scientific fact. Having professional doula during labour will give
    you the following benefits:
    • shorter labour
    • reduction in the caesarean rate
    • reduction in epidural requests
    • reduction in analgesia use
    • reduction in forceps delivery.
  2. Have some dates: Eating six dates a day from 36 weeks onward appears to result in shorter, easier labours. Dates have an oxytocin-like effect on the body; they’re also rich in fatty acids, the building blocks of prostaglandins which are essential birth hormones.
  3. Get active: Like long distance running, childbirth calls for energy and stamina. Thirty minutes of moderate exercise a day will certainly help in the long run.
  4. Watch your posture: Your pelvis will be doing some miraculous things during birth, so make some adjustments. Sit up straight, reduce time spent slouched or slumped on long car rides, and ditch that comfy recliner for a bit. A relaxed open pelvis can make a huge difference for your birthing experience.
  5. Get a birth ball: An exercise or birth ball is a great way to encourage your baby to get into the best position. Any activity that encourages the movement of the hips (also belly dancing, hula dancing, squatting, rocking, pelvic tilts, etc) helps manoeuvre the baby down especially during labour.
  6. Take a class: A childbirth class will provide you with information on the stages of labour, pain relief techniques, breathing, massage and more. You will also get information on medications, like an epidural, and on caesarean section should you need one. You wouldn’t show up to a race not even knowing the route or water stops, would you?
  7. Sex: One of my favourite mentors, Debra Pascali-Bonaro (check out her film, Orgasmic Birth) always says: “what got that baby in, is what will get that baby out”. Continue having sex (once your doctor gives you the all clear), as the hormones in sperm will help naturally ripen your cervix. It also doubles as great exercise and aids in the production of oxytocin. Deep kissing during labour helps relax the vaginal muscles and is a nice distraction from contractions.

Transformative birth experience

Remember your body knows how to give birth just like it knows how to breathe.

To have the best possible birth experience, you must learn how your body works and how to work with it, not against it.

Here's wishing you a positively transformative birth experience!

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