These are the luckiest baby names, says a psychic

These are the luckiest baby names, says a psychicThese are the luckiest baby names, says a psychic These are the luckiest baby names, says a psychicThese are the luckiest baby names, says a psychic

These are the luckiest baby names, according to a psychic.

Inbaal Honigman (via and compiled the list of names we most associate with luck, and they are as follows:

  1. Rafael
  2. Victoria
  3. Lakshmi
  4. Felix
  5. Beatrice
  6. Said
  7. Ganesh
  8. Sadia
  9. Ayman
  10. Iris.

These are the luckiest baby names, says psychic

Explaining why Rafael is in the top spot, Inbaal pointed to the name's biblical connections, as it is the name of the Angel of Healing.

She said: "Rafael is a lucky name, venerated for generations. It's a wonderful name to pick for a life of healthy living, healthy relationships and healthy decision-making."


It's perhaps unsurprising that Victoria is in second place, considering that it translates to Victory.

Inball added: "Victoria is not subtle about its blessings. Sharing a name with the Roman Goddess of Victory, Victoria draws luck in the field of winning.

"Victoria spends her life walking into challenges, only to walk out holding the winner’s cup."


Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of Abundance and Good Fortune, so it's no wonder this name made the list, while Felix is on the list because it translates to luck or happiness in Latin.


Beatrice, meanwhile, comes from the Latin Beatrix, which means blessed.

"Associating a name with blessings can have no downsides, the bearer of this title is blessed, and will also bless others," Inball says.

2023 baby name trends

Meanwhile, baby naming bible, Nameberry recently released their list of baby name trends they reckon will be influencing new parents in 2023.

Hot names for 2023

  1. Names from the 80s & 90s: Names ‘so out, they are in’ will be back with a bang, Nameberry reckons, listing examples like Kate, Marty and Penny.
  2. Gilded names: 2023 parents are set to be influenced by ​​names that feel golden and bright, whether a direct nod to the metal or something with more of a sunshine vibe. Think Lux, Lucien, Aurora, Marigold and Soleil.
  3. Names with the letter ‘X’ in them: Futuristic names for a futuristic baby. Nameberry predicts we will all be loving names like Rex, Felix, Bronx and Xenia.
  4. Old-man names for girls: The whole gender-neutral name trend is still a vibe, and in 2023, experts reckon we will see parents opting for real grandad names for their little girls. Think: Frankie, Lou and Georgie.
  5. Maximalist names: Forget short and sweet, 2023 parents will be all about longer names. Nameberry has seen a rise in searchers for names like Amadeus, Cassiopea, Wolfgang and Persephone.

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